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Xuan Phuong Residence is a complex of 6 17-floor apartment buildings and 126 terraced villas built in the area of nearly 4 ha. The project belongs to new urban area development planning of Nam Tu Liem District, that Hanoi City has voted it as modeling urban area of the city. Along with integrated investment of transportation systems, technical infrastructure and facilities such as swimming pools, shop-house, schools, Xuan Phuong Residence Projects offers the customers a civilized and modern living space.

Project Information
Location Xuan Phuong Ward - Nam Tu Liem District – Hanoi City.
Area 3,95 ha
Scale 6 17-storey apartment buildings, 126 terraced houses, 642 apartments.
Total investment cost 1.100 billion Vietnam Dong.

Low rise houses and high rise apartment buildings

Project Progress

- Tower E, F, lot 3 (high rise apartments for the Central Party’s officers: 31/7/2015 – 12/5/2017.

- Tower A, B, C, D (lot 1,2): 3/11/2015 – 27/12/2017

- Lot 6, 7 (low rise apartments for the Central Party’s officers): 5/4/2016 – 15/9/2016.

- Lot 4, 5 (low rise apartments for BND: 15/4/2016 – 30/10/2016.

Handover period as estimate, the first 2 lots (Lot 6,7) in 10/2016.