1. Building TASCO for sustainable developmentis decisive ideology of the leaders.
  2. No individual factors in the organization.
  3. Protecting the Shareholders’ rights in long-term.
  4. Building upprofessional processes for business activities.
  5. Stopping to settle issues and ensure the best quality remaining.
  6. Training leaders, managers for comprehensive understandings of the job, living with the company philosophy and being able to train their inferiors.
  7. Developing individuals and teams in compliance with the company philosophy.
  8. Building and developing network of partnership and suppliers.
  9. Settling issues by checking and inspecting on site (trihedral principle).
  10. Keeping learning, criticizing positively, developing creativeness and improvement.
  11. Managing information to understandmacro-economy of the country, regional countries and of the world and then make decision of investment
  12. Building professional working teams is the unique way for Tasco to achieve success.